Delta Variant May Hurt Recovery Efforts for American Restaurants

Delta Variant May Hurt Recovery Efforts for American Restaurants

( – Just after a year into the coronavirus pandemic, the number of cases declined from April through June, prompting a sense of public excitement and hope for a return to normalcy in everyday lives. But when the Delta variant began to take a foothold in July, leading to a sharp rise in COVID-19 incidents, many US citizens reacted by staying home again.

Now, restaurants are starting to feel the effects of people’s fears, with many of them closing their dining rooms or limiting hours in favor of carry-out and delivery.

Not only is the foodservice business suffering from the continued threat of the coronavirus, but tourism could also take a hit. And for those areas reliant on the tourist season to financially thrive, the rest of the year won’t only see the rippling consequences of the loss of visitors during typical vacation times, but throughout the entire year.

Although tourism numbers are up from 2020, they sit at about a quarter of what they were in 2019, which isn’t enough to sustain the economies that rely on this industry.

If this trend keeps cautious Americans out of social settings and away from supporting businesses, it could force US restaurants to either adapt to the new standard or risk closure, sending countless people to the unemployment line.

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