Dave Chappelle Returns With More Transphobic Jokes

(LibertySociety.com) – Comedian Dave Chappelle is out with a new Netflix special that is perhaps more controversial than his 2021 “The Closer,” which had liberal heads spinning in every direction. A large portion of that special was dedicated to making jokes about people who claimed to be transgender. Chappelle refused to back down or apologize for his jokes. Instead, he posted a video to the transgender community on Instagram, saying, “I am more than willing to give you an audience. But you will not summon me.” He added that he would not “bend to anybody’s demands.”

Now Chappelle is in the spotlight yet again for his jokes in “The Dreamer,” which premiered on December 31. Conservatives applauded his latest transgender jokes, but liberal media outlets and commentators were not clapping. Rolling Stone magazine claimed that Chappelle has an obsession with transgender people, and Variety magazine suggested that he find something new to talk about. The Daily Beast expressed disappointment that Chappelle did not change his ways after liberals attempted to educate him on the matter. Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, who has been outspoken against the transgender movement and its effects on women’s sports, posted in support of the content in the new special.

Chappelle jokingly said that he was not going to spend too much time on transgenders but was going to instead focus on handicapped people. He discussed the media’s coverage of an on-stage LGBTQ attacker who assailed him during a 2022 show for his material. He claimed that the person was bisexual and that they could have attempted to rape him during the attack.

With the release of the new special, Netflix sent a clear message that it would not back down to criticism over Chappelle’s comedy either. Back in 2021, activists pushed for the streaming platform to remove the special, and a few employees protested by staging a walkout. “The Dreamer” currently sits in the top five most-watched shows on Netflix.

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