Dan Crenshaw Slams Vice News for Comparing US Marines to ‘Neo-Nazis’

Dan Crenshaw Slams Vice News for Comparing US Marines to

(LibertySociety.com) – Members of the US Marine Corps serve their country as an elite force deserving of respect for their role in keeping our country free. When most Americans think of Marines, a few phrases may come to mind like “the few, the proud” and “Semper Fi.” When writer Ben Makuch from the media company Vice alleged many of our Devil Dogs are “Neo-Nazis”, it stood to reason the accusation would enrage US citizens country-wide. Adding insult to injury, Vice published the article on the same day the US lost 11 Marines in Kabul.

Following the article’s release, Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) clapped back on Twitter at the disgraceful words coming on the heels of such a tragedy.

Although the website apologized for the article’s timing and offered condolences to the families, the piece remains to highlight the instances of neo-Nazism in the former Marine population. The report points to public examples of indictments for ex-members of the corp, stating that the institution attracts extremists.

Yet, the handful of cases within the writing pales in comparison to the nearly 223,000 members who proudly serve under the eagle, globe, and anchor emblem. And to make such a suggestion on a day of profound mourning about the very people who put their lives on the line is not only tasteless, but un-American.

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