Customers Prompted To Donate To ‘DEI Awareness’ At Grocery Store

( – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has spread like wildfire over the last several years, with one major corporation after the other hopping on the bandwagon, implementing new policies, which include race-based hiring practices and controversial employee training programs. State governments across the nation have also adopted DEI policies and procedures, although some legislators in red states are working to end them, as they believe they are divisive and racist. Public universities have created DEI offices and programs, which have come under a great deal of scrutiny after parental backlash, prompting lawmakers to pass legislation to ban them from the schools.

Now some companies are taking it a step further by asking customers to donate to DEI initiatives, grouping social justice nonprofits with charities such as the American Cancer Society. Haggen, which is a grocery store chain in Washington state, is asking customers upon self-checkout to donate to “help advocate for DEI awareness.” A sign promoting the company’s charity is also displayed in the store, claiming that the money will go to ensuring “community members live a healthy and inclusive life.” The Northwest Justice Project is one of the charities the company supports, which is a law firm that seeks to combat what they believe are racial injustices in the state of Washington.

Haggen is owned by Albertson’s, a more widely known grocery store chain. Their website provides details about previous campaigns with controversial charities, indicating that the company is fully on board with what millions of Americans believe is a step in the wrong direction for an America that has achieved full equality for all citizens. Fox News sought comment from Albertson’s about the self-checkout charity campaign, asking them if they think participating in such a controversial initiative is beneficial for their brand. The company responded, claiming that the money will be going to four different charities, again naming the American Cancer Society, but did not list The Northwest Justice Project as a recipient.

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