Cruz Blasts Corporate Media Over Pro-Hamas Bias

( – In the Israel-Hamas conflict, the figure of Saleh Aljafarawi, commonly referred to as”Mr. Pallywood” and “Mr. FAFO,” is a recognized personality. Aljafarawi, a social media influencer and crisis actor with confirmed ties to Hamas, is often a content source that a global audience consumes.

Despite these easily accessible and verifiable facts, mainstream media outlets such as NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, and ABC’s World News Tonight, much in the same vein as MSNBC, have chosen to treat Aljafarawi’s content as a credible source of news emanating from Gaza.

This oversight demonstrates a concerning trend within media circles, where the potential ramifications of such lapses in judgment are significant, as they can inadvertently lend credibility to sources that may not necessarily deserve it, thus muddying the waters of credible journalism.

In a recent episode of his podcast, “Verdict,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) issued a strong critique of mainstream media outlets, accusing them of disseminating biased coverage in favor of Hamas during reports on Israel’s battle against the perpetrators of the October 7 attacks.

Cruz’s comments were sparked by a discussion with co-host Ben Ferguson, who pointed out two Newsbusters reports suggesting that MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC had given airtime to a known crisis actor.

The senator argued that there were only two possible explanations for this. “These networks were aware of who this individual was – in which case they consciously misled the American public by allowing a Hamas propagandist to take the spotlight. If this is true, the producer responsible for this segment should be dismissed,” Cruz stated. Alternatively, he suggested, “they were ignorant of the actor’s identity.”

Cruz argued that if the latter were true, it would indicate that these networks had a predetermined political narrative that they were eager to propagate. He said, “They stumbled upon a video aligned with their political objectives and decided to broadcast it. If they were unaware of the actor’s identity, it points towards an inherent bias and incompetence within these networks, and they should face dismissal nonetheless.”

Cruz was adamant that those responsible for propagating what he termed as pro-Hamas propaganda should be held accountable for their actions, as they were “distributing lies on behalf of terrorists.”

He urged CBS to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. “If there’s a single journalist within CBS with principles, they should delve into the identity of this individual and expose how CBS played a part in propagating his falsehoods,” Cruz asserted. He acknowledged that such a move would be challenging and potentially damaging to the network’s image but insisted it was necessary.

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