Crowd Yells ‘F*ck You’ at Robert De Niro Outside Courthouse

( – The Democrat Party is known for recruiting celebrities to push their narratives and sway voters, especially when it comes to anything about former President Trump. The Biden campaign recently deployed Robert De Niro to speak outside of the 45th president’s hush money trial in New York City. The 80-year-old attempted to read his remarks from a piece of paper but was drowned out by a group of Trump supporters. One man was heard yelling, “F**k you” to De Niro, who became visibly flustered.

At one point, the actor signaled towards the protestors and suggested that Trump “should be telling them not to do this.” A video of the recommendation drew instant backlash, with users accusing De Niro of advocating against free speech. He continued his speech, rambling and stumbling through his words. He likened Trump supporters to clowns as he claimed that the city was tolerant of ill-behaving individuals unless their name was Donald Trump.

Two other special guests of the Biden campaign were former Washington D.C. Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanone and former U.S. Capitol police officer Harry Dunn. Fanone is known for claiming that he sprung to action to help defend the Capitol during the riot on January 6, 2021, even though it was his day off work. He became a star witness for the controversial January 6th Committee and has been spotted with Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and even President Biden. Fanone has been vocal in his opposition to Trump, often appearing on left-leaning media outlets. However, he and Dunn have been accused of lying under oath during congressional testimony.

During the press conference, De Niro was speechless when an independent journalist claimed that they had lied under oath. De Niro’s lack of response sparked online conversations about his knowledge, or lack of it, regarding the men’s testimonies. As he departed his post, De Niro was confronted by protestors and media personalities. He could not contain his anger and began shouting expletives at the crowd.

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