Cotton Humiliates CNBC Reporter Over Media’s Insane Double Standard

Cotton Humiliates CNBC Reporter Over Media's Insane Double Standard

( – The mainstream media (MSM) has been trying hard to ignore the Hunter Biden scandal since the New York Post published its bombshell report on October 14. Republicans aren’t letting them get away with it though. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) recently called out a CNBC anchor on the double standard in the press.

During an October 23 interview with “Squawk Box,” Cotton accused the press of “essentially ignoring” the Hunter Biden scandal. Host Andrew Ross Sorkin claimed the media is being “responsible” by not reporting on it because they haven’t “been able to corroborate” it. The anchor tried to pivot to Big Tech. That’s when the senator went in for the kill.

Cotton responded by saying it was like Russiagate and the Steele dossier that Sorkin reported on “for four years.”


The media reported on the debunked Steele dossier for years. Their frenzied reporting was slammed by President Donald Trump and Republicans. In fact, every time there’s a whiff of a scandal in the White House, the press circles like sharks. The same cannot be said about their Biden reporting. It’s become abundantly clear there is a double standard.

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