Congressman Says Rules Committee Could Make Major Change

Massie Declares Changes in Rules Committee

( – Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie is reportedly ready to shake things up when it comes to the way things are done in the House of Representatives. It is well-known that Massie is consistent in his opposition to foreign aid, especially when it comes to funding wars, according to Breitbart News. Recently, he spoke to the outlet in an interview about what’s to come. The lawmaker said he believes that with Republicans taking on more control in the Rules Committee, continuous support for the war in Ukraine will have to be decided by recorded votes and will no longer be included in bills that are considered “must-pass.”

His reasoning behind this, according to his comments to Breitbart, are to get a true representation of support for the additional money being sent to Ukraine. Many ultra-progressive members of Congress, such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, and Ilhan Omar, D-MN, have been scrutinized and jeered by critics during some public events due to their support of continuing to fund the war. Massie has opposed all foreign aid during his time in Congress, usually joined by other lawmakers who do not believe the USA should be intervening in disputes between other nations or putting other countries’ needs before the needs of Americans. Most notably, he was the sole Republican who voted against replenishing the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system in August 2022, joined by Ilhan Omar and other Democrats.

Massie has hopes that removing the Ukraine aid from these bills will encourage others to vote honestly and in the best interest of their constituents. He also argued, “You can be blamed for shutting down the government,” as he described what happens when lawmakers like himself oppose Continuing Resolutions or omnibus bills that have Ukraine aid attached to them. Massie’s approach to the new way the Rules Committee will function coincides with the public statements of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, who said that he supports Ukraine, but that there “has to be accountability going forward,” in an interview with CNN in November 2022.

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