Congressional Candidate Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

( – In March of 2021, the Puebla Attorney General’s Office arrested José Elías Medel Galindo, who had previously run for the local council in San Martín, Texmelucan, in the state of Puebla, on charges of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with his pre-teen daughter.

During a news conference that included the minor’s mother and the daughter herself, the man demanded that his family’s privacy not be invaded and claimed that the photographs going viral was a conjured political attack on him.

According to the Puebla Attorney General’s Office, Medel Galindo, a member of the center-left political group Movimiento Ciudadano (formed in 1999), was sentenced to prison for drugging and assaulting his 11-year-old daughter. In addition to serving his sentence, the agency stated that Medel Galindo must compensate the victim by paying a fine of 268,860 pesos.

According to the evidence, the accused was putting unknown drugs in his daughter’s dinner, and when she passed out, he would carry her into his bed and then take advantage of her inappropriately. He even documented the assaults.

On their social media website, the AG’s office shared a photo of him alongside the sentencing announcement.

When Medel Galindo ran for Congress in 2021, he became embroiled in controversy after a slew of explicit photos of him surfaced online. In what seemed like “romantic positions,” he and his daughter seem to be unclothed. Several images even showed him kissing the child’s lips. Medel Galindo insisted at the time that the photos were innocent and that he was the victim of a political witch hunt that sought to block him from becoming a congressman. He dismissed the photographic evidence, much like Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell,” as disinformation created by his political rivals.

Medel Galindo’s leftwing political party quickly severed ties with him following the photographs blowing up and going viral and the subsequent outcry in Mexico. He was taken into custody by Mexican police on allegations of inappropriate relationships with a minor.

At the time of his arrest, the state took his daughter into custody through the DIF (System for the Integral Development of the Family).

After his conviction, the disgraced politician was sentenced to twelve years in prison.

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