Colorado Mom of 5 Pins Down Alleged Peeping

( – A weekend shopping trip to Nordstrom in Lakewood, Colorado, quickly went south for a mother of five when she realized a man was recording her undressing in the fitting room. Michelle Chandler picked up a whiff of stinky feet shortly after she had begun disrobing. She leaned down to remove her pants and saw a man’s feet and his phone pointing toward her. Chandler blasted the store’s gender-neutral dressing rooms, which she said enabled the man to record her.

Chandler took matters into her own hands and slammed the man on the ground, putting the full weight of her body on his back and her hand on the back of his head. Several employees ran to help her restrain him while waiting for the police to arrive. In the video recording of the incident, which Chandler posted on Instagram, she told the man, “You need to be held accountable.”

Additionally, Chandler could be heard saying that the incident was an example of why “men don’t belong in women’s fitting rooms.” A man in the background agreed with Chandler’s assertion. The Lakewood Police Department told a local media outlet that officers had responded to a request for assistance that matched the incident that Chandler described. She also said the man had a knife on him during the incident and that she would be filing charges against him.

A similar incident occurred in the middle of an aisle at Target in Greenville, North Carolina, when a man, since identified as a volunteer at a local elementary school, was seen placing his cell phone underneath a woman in a dress who was squatting to retrieve an item from a low shelf. The incident was caught on camera thanks to another woman who had begun recording him after he first followed her through the store. Once the video footage was broadcast on local news outlets and went viral online, the school released a statement making clear that the man would no longer be allowed on campus.

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