CNN Reporter Slammed for Offensive Tiger Woods Comment

CNN Reporter Slammed for Offensive Tiger Woods Comment

( – The CNN of 2021 is not the CNN of the past. Its hosts are well known for their political biases, and critics often call them out for the way they report the news. It’s so bad that former President Donald Trump called the network “fake news.” Recently, it came under fire again after the way one anchor reported on Golf legend Tiger Woods’ recent car accident.

Woods was in a one-vehicle accident on Tuesday, February 23. The rollover crash was so bad firefighters had to use the “jaws of life” to extricate him from the car. He suffered multiple leg fractures and was rushed to surgery. When news of the accident broke, CNN’s Andy Scholes said he wasn’t “entirely surprised” because of the golf star’s history with surgeries and “painkillers.”

It quickly backfired on him. People were quick to call him out for his assumptions:

Scholes assumed Woods was intoxicated without any proof. His baseless assumption sounded even worse after police officers said the crash was just an accident and Woods was not impaired. The CNN anchor later apologized, but the damage was already done. As a journalist, he had a responsibility to report the facts. He failed.

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