CNN Reporter Says Border Wall Helps Federal Agents

CNN Host Defends Border Wall Purpose

( – During the Trump administration, the mainstream media consistently bashed the construction of the border wall, claiming that it would not make a difference regarding illegal migrants crossing into the country. However, it appears that at least one commentator on a left-leaning platform has decided to speak about the wall in a more positive light.

Rosa Flores, who works at CNN, defended the wall on May 10th, 2023, stating that the Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agents that she has spoken with say that “it helps them get more operational control.” This reduces the amount of ground that agents must cover. She explained to Anderson Cooper that while the wall doesn’t reduce the actual number of migrants, the agents she has spoken with say that “the wall is very effective.” She added that it is not the only solution to getting the border under control, but it serves as one of many tools that agents utilize to increase security.

Julio Rosas of Town Hall highlighted the features of the wall and how it benefits CBP agents in October 2020, retelling his experience of flying on a helicopter with then-CBP Chief Mark Morgan, viewing the progress. He described how the wall has sensors that detect when and where it has been touched, which allows agents to pinpoint illegal crossers and cover more ground with fewer agents.

On May 10th, 2023, former President Trump participated in a Town Hall Event with CNN, where the host, Kaitlan Collins, said that only 52 miles of new border wall had been constructed under his administration. However, the CBP documented in 2020 that over 400 miles of border wall had been completed. That number includes some new wall, but mostly old wall that was replaced under the Trump administration.

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