Clintons, Abrams Team Up for Voter Law Meeting With Top Democrats

Clintons, Abrams Team Up for Voter Law Meeting With Top Democrats

( – On July 12, House Democrats fled Texas to avoid voting on a bill they disagreed with and landed in Washington, DC, where they remain to this day. Instead of returning to their home state and fulfilling their sworn duties as lawmakers, they took it upon themselves to thwart state laws and plead a federal case in the nation’s capital.

For the past few weeks, 50 Texas House Democrats have tried to push Congress to “pass voting rights legislation” federally so that the voting bills waiting for them will be null and void when they return home.

Although both Republicans and Democrats in Texas have used this tactic in the past to get their way, it’s been unsuccessful historically. To help them succeed, they called on former Georgia House Minority Leader and voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams, past President Bill Clinton, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for their expertise.

Turmoil in Texas

In May 2021, Texas Republicans presented House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 1. The legislation included language that called for changes to mail-in voting identification requirements, vote-by-mail application procedures, drive-through voting rules, and voting hours. The bills also addressed the role of poll watchers and their rights during elections while imposing strict penalties for non-compliance to combat voter fraud and keep US elections clean.

Those bills died on the floor because Texas Democrats fled the state for a few hours to run the clock out on voting. Now, as they remain out of state for the second time, they’re calling on top influential Democrats for assistance.

The Call to Abrams

Adding to her long career in politics, Stacey Abrams founded Fair Fight in 2019. It “advocates for election reform at all levels.” The action group also educates voters, encourages voting participation, and fights for free and fair elections for every American. Some say she was instrumental in turning Georgia blue.

Despite that success, Abrams continues to fight for voting rights in Georgia as legislation passed in her state restricting “early and absentee voting.” So, although there’s much she wants to do in Georgia, it makes sense for Texas Democrats to tap into her knowledge to help them in their federal quest.

They will also meet with the Clintons to ask them for advice on the best next steps for success and to request the couple “use their political capital” to push Congress into action.

Expected Outcomes and Next Steps

The Democratic group plans to run out the clock once again on the special session in Texas in hopes that it will buy them enough time to convince Congress to pass sweeping Federal voter legislation.

If they’re successful, it could mean significant changes to the democratic process in their favor. But if the Democrats are unsuccessful, the bills will be waiting for them when they finally return home, and their passage could encourage Republicans in other states to act before the next election.

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