Clarence Thomas Says the Supreme Court Will Not “Be Bullied” on Roe v Wade

Clarence Thomas Says the Supreme Court Will Not “Be Bullied” on Roe v Wade

SCOTUS Justice Refuses To Give In To Roe v Wade Bullying From The Left

( – At a judicial conference for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta on May 5, Justice Clarence Thomas stated the Supreme Court will not be bullied into giving the people the answer they want regarding Roe v. Wade. The SCOTUS is in place to interpret the Constitution and ensure all Americans retain their freedoms. Since the court is not subject to a vote by the people, the institution must remain impartial and not waiver based on majority opinion.

Ever since Politico published Justice Alito’s drafted opinion regarding the 1973 landmark case, pro-choice Americans have come out in droves to protest. Although pro-life advocates have also come out to counter pro-choice demonstrations, those who want abortions to stay legal have gone so far as to gather outside individual SCOTUS justice’s personal residences.

Thomas clearly stated this kind of intimidation will not and should not work to influence the Supreme Court in any way. He said society simply has to live with outcomes they disagree with sometimes because not everyone will get their way all the time.

Following the May 2 leak, authorities erected fencing around the Supreme Court in anticipation of protests against the pending SCOTUS decision. Although many anticipate the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the US won’t know the court’s final decision until June or July.

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