Clarence Thomas Is No Longer Working at Law School

Clarence Thomas Is No Longer Working At Law School

Clarence Thomas Makes a Surprising Career Change

( – On July 28, a spokesperson for George Washington University (GWU), Joshua Grossman, told NPR that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas would not be teaching at the college this upcoming school semester. Although he has been leading a class at the institution since 2011, his co-instructor let officials know that he will no longer instruct students about constitutional law.

The SCOTUS member didn’t provide an explanation for his sudden departure, but some believe backlash from the recent High Court’s decision about abortion rights might have been a factor in the move.

Dayna Bowen Matthew, a law dean, and GWU Provost Christopher Alan Bracey recently wrote to the university’s community, stating they were aware of the controversy regarding the Supreme Court ruling, NPR reported. The pair revealed Thomas’ viewpoint doesn’t necessarily represent the school’s stance on the issue.

Although they received immense pressure to fire Thomas from his teaching position, GWU refused, citing “academic freedom guidelines.” The college elite said the Justice was free to have his own opinion, as are all law school faculty members.

There’s no word whether or not the long-time contributor will return to the institution following this semester.

Why do you think the highest court’s Justice left the academic position?

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