City Residents Welcome Migrants Into Their Homes

( – The Biden administration’s self-induced border crisis has led to the overflow of migrant shelters in various cities across the country. City officials have converted schools, gymnasiums, and community centers to house the illegal migrants, with most filling up just as quickly as they are opened. In January, Massachusetts Democratic Governor Maura Healey announced that a Roxbury recreation center would be used as a temporary shelter. Local officials around the state also recently began calling for residents to become host families for the illegal migrants. Some have answered the call.

Lisa Hillenbrand welcomed a Haitian family into her Boston apartment just minutes after she volunteered to become a host. The couple and their 2-year-old daughter had been sleeping at the Boston Logan International Airport before they were sent to live with Hillenbrand. During an interview with NBC 10 in Boston, Hillenbrand told the outlet that it’s like having “her own personal chef” because the mother of the family loves to cook for her. She noted that some of her neighbors were also considering becoming host families.

Hillenbrand explained that she had gained more understanding of what she claimed was a refugee crisis and that people were biased against the refugees because they did not know anything about them. She said that they were eager to learn and worked hard because they wanted to succeed in the United States. Boston City Councilwoman Julia Mejia urged others to volunteer to become host families, especially in cities surrounding Boston. She told WBTS that everyone should welcome families into their homes “because this is a shared responsibility.”

Governor Healey said that the state was helping nearly 3,000 illegal migrants secure work authorizations. She also announced a plan to spend $8 million on housing for 400 illegal migrant families. Nearly 7,500 families have been living in the state shelter system, but it reached capacity back in November.

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