Christmas Parade Turns DEADLY In An Instant

Girl Dead After Getting Struck by Christmas Parade Vehicle

Girl Dead After Getting Struck by Christmas Parade Vehicle

( – On November 19, the residents of Raleigh, North Carolina, were enjoying a Christmas parade to ring in the holiday season when one of the vehicles towing a float hit a little girl — killing her. Reports say the truck was “out-of-control” and laying on the horn when parade-goers swooped in to stop the motor vehicle from doing any more damage. Authorities soon arrested 20-year-old Landen Christopher Glass, as he was behind the wheel.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) spoke out after the accident, sending thoughts and prayers to the victim’s family and friends. The city’s mayor, Mary-Ann Baldwin, also talked about the incident, relaying a similar sentiment. She said the girl’s death was “heartbreaking.”

The girl was performing in the parade with others in her dance squad when the tragedy occurred. Reports say the vehicle got too close, causing the kids to scatter, but one of them wasn’t lucky enough to get out of the way. There was much confusion about what was happening, but once people saw the child on the ground, they gathered to assist. Sadly, emergency services could not save her.

Authorities are holding Glass at the Wake County Detention Center. He’s facing charges of death by a motor vehicle, weapons violations, and unsafe movement in a parade.

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