Chris Wallace Explodes When Guest Doesn’t Refer to Biden as “President-Elect”

Chris Wallace Explodes When Guest Doesn't Refer to Biden As

( – Democrats still firmly believe the presidential election is over. It seems Fox News’ Chris Wallace is firmly on that bandwagon. Recently, he tried to force a Trump administration official to jump on, too.

On December 6, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar appeared on “Fox News Sunday” where he discussed the coronavirus pandemic. During a discussion about face masks, the secretary referred to Joe Biden as “vice president.” Wallace interrupted him and said, “He’s the president-elect.”

Azar refused to take the bait and continued discussing the administration’s support for masks. Wallace waited for him to finish and again called Biden the “president-elect.”

The whole interaction was so petty. First, Joe Biden is NOT the “president-elect” until the Electoral College votes. Second, it isn’t even an official term. It’s the name the media gives incoming presidents.

If Azar never uses the term, that’s okay because it is not official. Period.

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