Chris Rock Ticket Sales Explode After His Assault

Chris Rock Ticket Sales Explode After His Assault

( – Three days after actor Will Smith publicly slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars, he performed his comedy routine in front of a live audience in Boston, Massachusetts. The audience packed his sold-out show at The Wilbur Theater, and the comedian and actor sold out two of his follow-up shows as well. StubHub spokesperson Michael Silviera stated Rock’s ticket sales took a major jump after the incident with Smith. Although he’s a popular performer, there was a noticeable increase in sales.

The Oscar controversy apparently drove audience interest in the comedian, with TickPick recording sale prices for his show increasing more than 200%.

During Rock’s performance in Boston, he told the crowd he would not be talking about the incident from a few nights prior. The comedian said he was still “processing what happened” and had prepared the show before the incident.

He told his fans life was good outside of what happened with the actor and went on with his show. The audience reportedly gave Rock multiple standing ovations following his sets, a gesture one guest said made the performer emotional on stage.

There is no word yet on whether Rock will pursue legal charges against Smith for his assault while presenting at the Oscars.

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