Chris Cuomo’s Not Taking ‘No’ for an Answer – He’s Suing

Chris Cuomo's Not Taking 'No' for an Answer - He's Suing

( – On December 4, CNN fired former host Chris Cuomo for his role in gathering information from his contacts about his brother and ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D) sexual harassment case. Sources revealed he had three years left on his contract with the network, and he allegedly plans to sue for $18 million or more to cover the amount promised in the agreement.

An insider familiar with the situation said there is a morality clause in every contract, and CNN has “no intention of paying Cuomo a penny.”

The TV personality’s spokesperson claims CNN President Jeff Zucker was aware of the details regarding Chris’ “support for his brother.” However, the network denies having knowledge of Chris’ actions to gather information about the former politician’s accusers and attempts to collect dirt on at least one of them.

Someone inside CNN said Chris lied, and that’s why the network fired him. The source further said if the ousted host gets any kind of settlement, “there will be an uproar.”

The former host of “Cuomo Prime Time” is reportedly readying to sue for the time left on his contract and additional damages. It seems the court will have to decide if Chris’ upcoming suit is valid or if CNN was within their rights to fire him.

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