Chris Cuomo Has Questions About UFO Whistleblower

Ex-CNN Chris Cuomo Has Questions About UFOs

( – News Nation host Chris Cuomo has been reporting for NewsNation since October of 2022, after he was fired from CNN the previous year. Back in May, he reported about the effects on local residents along the southern border, slamming not only Biden, but both major political parties for their handling of immigration. More recently, Cuomo has featured differing viewpoints regarding the whistleblower claims about government recovered UFO’s and bodies of the pilots who flew them.

His first guest during the discussion was a Harvard professor who believes that aliens exist and offered examples to support his belief. He referenced two objects that were discovered over the last ten years that came from outside our solar system and “appear to be different than the asteroids and meteors than we had seen before.” He claimed that it is possible that they came from another world. Cuomo responded to the guest, asking him to concur that there is not 100 percent proof of life outside of Earth, with the guest agreeing, but blaming the lack of proof on the government’s failure to look for it. 

Cuomo then began to discuss the whistleblower David Grusch, who made the claim about alien aircraft held by the government, including alien bodies. He welcomed another guest who said he is an expert debunker. The guest cautioned Americans about believing Grusch’s claims until evidence is provided or the government confirms what he said. He added that sometimes spacecraft from foreign countries is recovered, leading some to believe that the wreckage is from another planet. Cuomo ended the interview by reiterating his own opinion on the matter, telling the audience that “there is a grand arrogance in thinking that we’re the only ones, the only planet in the vast, vast universe.” On June 7th, 2023, the Pentagon denied Grusch’s claims about the existence of the UFO retrieval program, although no official denial of the existence of the actual wreckage was made. 

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