Chris Cuomo Attacks Marco Rubio for His Faith

Chris Cuomo Attacks Marco Rubio for His Faith

( – News anchors are supposed to be fair. However, the mainstream media has proven they are anything but unbiased — a fact CNN stars Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo proved again on January 4.

During a discussion about President Donald Trump’s phone call with Georgia officials, Cuomo and Lemon attacked Republicans who support the commander-in-chief. Cuomo, whose brother is NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), mocked Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) faith in his unhinged rant. He called the senator “Bible Boy” and snidely remarked he has a “Bible quote for every moment” but fails to act in the best interest of Florida or the US.

Rubio, a devout Catholic (as Cuomo claims to be), fired back at the CNN host’s bigotry.

It’s bad enough the news anchors were attacking lawmakers who support the president of the United States, but to go after a senator’s faith? That kind of bigoted behavior has no place in America. If a conservative behaved that way, the Left would be demanding the network fire them, but they’re predictably silent now.

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