Chris Christie Visited Ukraine to Meet with Zelensky – But Why?

( – Former New Jersey Governor and 2024 presidential candidate Chris Christie made a surprise visit to Ukraine, meeting with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on August 4. He expressed his belief that the United States must continue to support Ukraine and provide the country with the tools and weaponry necessary to fend off Russia. Christie also visited Bucha, the location of a Ukrainian mass grave that was used at the beginning of the Russian invasion. In a Twitter post, President Zelenskyy expressed the necessity of Christie visiting the country “to see with his own eyes the threat to freedom and to everyone in the world.”

During his visit, Christie told President Zelenskyy that “there are hundreds of millions of people in our country who support you,” despite a recent CNN poll that shows 55 percent of Americans are against providing additional funding to Ukraine. In addition, GOP voters want a candidate who is more focused on American concerns than on issues in countries that are thousands of miles away. Nevertheless, Christie has repeatedly expressed his unwavering support of unconditional funding to Ukraine. After the trip, he shared Zelenskyy’s post on Twitter, proclaiming that America has not ever progressed by overlooking issues that are occurring around the world.

Christie never passes up an opportunity to attempt a dig at former President Trump, and his interview with the Washington Post after departing Ukraine was no different. He reportedly said that he is hopeful that voters will make their decision based on who they believe can handle issues such as the needs of Ukraine. He speculated that Trump would not be capable of doing so while trying to avoid jail time. Christie is currently polling at less than one percent in most polls, which begs the question as to why he felt the need to focus on foreign issues rather than appealing directly to Americans about things that affect their everyday lives.

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