Chinese Military Calls for Destruction of Elon Musk’s Starlink System

Chinese Military Calls for Destruction of Elon Musk's Starlink System

Chinese Military Calls For Destruction Of AMERICAN System!

( – On August 30, the Gatestone Institute reported that military researchers in China think it’s important to develop countermeasures against Musk’s Starlink satellites. They feel if the country sees the objects threatening national security, it should have the means to either disable the SpaceX products or destroy them completely.

Months after billionaire Elon Musk launched his Starlink satellites into space in 2021, the Chinese government filed a complaint with the United Nations. The country claimed the objects “nearly collided” with a module attached to its Tiangong Space Station on two separate occasions. In fact, China insisted its astronauts had to perform some “evasive maneuvers” to avoid a crash.

In June, the same researcher, Ren Yuanzhen, recognized the satellites made it possible for the United States to better communicate with troops stationed all over the world. That’s one of his concerns. If there is a conflict with China, the system would already be in place to give the US an advantage with effective connections and possible imagery.

The US State Department describes America’s relationship with China as a “strategic competition.” Recent concerns about the Asian country’s relationship with Russia and talks about the alleged genocide against the Uyghur people are complicating the countries’ relations.

Preparing to destroy the property of a private US company could further muddy the waters.

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