China Suggests US Leaders Shouldn’t Visit Taiwan, According To Reports

Relations Heat Up As China Warns Kevin McCarthy Not To Visit Taiwan

( – China has suggested that “certain individuals” within the US should avoid visiting Taiwan, according to Bloomberg. While it hasn’t been confirmed, reports have emerged that McCarthy is planning to visit during this year, and Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning reportedly responded to a question about this. According to her, people in the US should not be doing anything that goes against “basic norms in international relations” regarding the “one-China” policy. Beijing’s reference to the “one-China” principle is its diplomatic stance that the US does not formally recognize Taiwan, in deference to its diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China.

Concerns about China’s behavior toward Taiwan have grown, with one General recently suggesting war could break out by 2025, The Daily Mail reports. The Daily Mail reported that in response to the general’s warning, Chinese state media dismissed it as “provocative” and “reckless” and called for an end to actions that violate the basic norms in international relations.

Currently, the Republican Party reportedly has plans to launch an investigation into China. Previously, some in the GOP have referred to the CCP an “existential threat” to the US, according to The Daily Mail.

Soon after former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit last summer, China conducted military exercises which involved launching missiles over Taiwan. China sent over 100 planes, and Taiwan sent jets to deter Chinese planes.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recently warned that China is “learning lessons” from what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, and that the same thing could happen in Asia in the future, according to The Sun. Beijing has continued to push boundaries recently by entering Taiwan’s airspace. China recently stoked tensions by flying nearly 30 jets across the Taiwan Strait.

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory and has vowed to reunite it with the mainland by force if necessary. The Sun reported that Republican Mike McCaul expressed his belief that the likelihood of a fight is “very high.” He said that if China couldn’t reunite Taiwan with the mainland peacefully, it would be forced to do so militarily.

The situation in Taiwan is becoming increasingly tense, and the US and China are both increasing their military presence in the region. With these tensions simmering in China, and a new Speaker of the House in the US, the future of Taiwan remains uncertain.

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