China Moving To Restrict Abortions

China Cracking Down on Abortions

( – As previous efforts within China geared toward population control, stringent efforts appeared to cause another detriment that is forcing China to ease birthing restrictions, opting to reverse many of their strict ‘child cap’ policies. The Chinese government is now seeking to limit accessible abortions to encourage families to have more children again.

Although the government changed the one baby policy to two babies in 2015, China still had a problem with an uneven population growth of predominantly boys. To solve this issue, the Chinese government announced on September 27 their new goal to reduce non-medical abortions, and keep them under wraps.

Not only was the population dwindling because there weren’t enough babies born to replace or take care of the dying, but abortions skyrocketed when the baby conceived was not the desired gender.

But the guidelines don’t address how the government plans to stop these particular terminations. However, the policy outlines the desire to stop unwanted pregnancies altogether by encouraging men and women to take preventative measures.

Between 1949 and 1976, the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC’s) population erupted, adding about 400 million citizens. In 1980, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) enacted a law limiting each family to one child each, including increasing access to abortions for this purpose. While that policy worked to slow the population growth, now China faces a population growth problem, overall.

No matter how they plan to implement the new rules, China researcher for Human Rights Watch Yaqiu Wang believes reactions to the new policy won’t be favorable because it simply replaces one restriction on women’s reproductive rights with another.

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