China Imposes Restrictions on Online Gaming

China Imposes Restrictions on Online Gaming

( – In the United States, decisions regarding minor children remain primarily between parents and their kids. Those choices typically include when they go to bed, what they eat for dinner, and how they spend their free time. But the freedoms we enjoy as American citizens aren’t the same in other countries like China, where the government overwhelmingly dictates the behaviors of the people who live there.

The Communist regime is invading family homes once again, but this time, increasing restrictions on its youth by limiting the time they play online video games to no more than three hours per week.

On August 30, the State Press and Publication Administration of China announced the new restrictions to include gaming only during specific hours on Fridays, weekends, and national holidays, starting September 1.

While the government thinks it’s good to restrict online gameplay for more well-rounded childhood experiences that combat addictions, the decision doesn’t only affect families. The crackdown reaches into the Chinese tech sector, affecting large gaming companies like Tencent and NetEase.

However, their concern doesn’t lie with big business profits, but also throttles the amount of influence tech companies wield. The Chinese administration is putting “social benefits first” for their children above all else. Yet, such governmental tyranny would never work in the United States. In fact, it would change the entire landscape of our society.

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