Census Bureau Workers Ordered Not to Comply With Trump’s Citizenship Mandate

Census Bureau Workers Ordered Not to Comply With Trump's Citizenship Mandate

(LibertySociety.com) – President Donald Trump has made it clear he doesn’t believe the data collected from the Census should benefit illegals in any way. That’s why he issued an executive order in 2019 telling departments to share citizenship data with the Department of Commerce. However, Census workers were suddenly told to defy the POTUS recently.

On January 13, Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham announced he’d told members of his department to “stand down” and stop reviewing the citizenship data. According to reports, the decision came after a review found the data needed additional work.

The decision to stop the data collection means the Trump administration will not have the information it needs to implement last-minute rules before the end of his first term. Was that the point? Did Dillingham want to stop the president of the US from protecting the American people? The hard-working citizens of this country deserve answers.

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