Celebrity Alyssa Milano Arrested While Protesting for Voting Rights

Celebrity Alyssa Milano Arrested While Protesting for Voting Rights

(LibertySociety.com) – Every American citizen has the right to protest peacefully, as afforded by the First Amendment. But while those in the US need to voice their opinions, it’s illegal to block traffic — even on foot. On October 20, police arrested actress Alyssa Milano and members of the People for the American Way outside the White House for impeding pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk while conducting a demonstration for voting rights.

Although officers allegedly warned the activists three times to disburse, they refused. So, authorities had little choice but to remove them through arrest.

The group gathered in DC to “demand” President Joe Biden do whatever he can to help pass the Freedom to Vote Act. That same day, there was a motion on the Senate floor to proceed with the bill, but it failed 49 to 51.

If the act were to pass, it would make election day a holiday each year, combat some controversial anti-voting state laws, and provide identification alternatives at the polls.

The group, along with Milano, claim hundreds of bills passed throughout the country since the 2020 election are restricting voting rights for many Americans. But others feel the laws are necessary to uphold the integrity of future elections and ensure democracy for our country.

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