Cease and Desist: Fox Reporter Silenced by Network Execs for Exposing Truth

Cease and Desist: Fox Reporter Silenced by Network Execs for Exposing Truth

(LibertySociety.com) – On Monday, June 14, Houston reporter Ivory Hecker made national headlines when she announced on Live TV that Fox News Corp was “muzzling” her. She told viewers that she’d been working with Project Veritas to expose censorship within the media. The next day, Project Veritas, spearheaded by Conservative James O’Keefe, dropped secret recordings of executives at KRIV-TV, the local Fox affiliate.

The video contained conversations between Hecker and various executives within the company. In one instance, the network’s vice president and news director, Susan Schiller, told her to “cease and desist posting about hydroxychloroquine” (HCQ) after Hecker covered a story from a doctor saying he used the treatment on COVID-19 patients.

The physician Hecker spoke to, United Memorial Medical Center Chief of Critical Care Dr. Joseph Varon, told her that the drug has been “politicized up to the wazoo,” but they have used it and had good success. Schiller mentioned a study by the New England Journal of Medicine that said the medication did not work. Hecker said that just made her story more newsworthy, but her boss was not convinced, saying, “In my opinion, you failed as a reporter.”

The incident shows just how political coverage of the medication got during the pandemic. Hecker had firsthand information from a notable medical expert, but the executives at her news organization wouldn’t allow her to share that.

Along with other instances where leadership at KRIV shot down stories, the silencing of the HCQ story showed just how much censorship was happening. Hecker wants viewers to know that these media companies are putting corporate interests above the people’s interests, which means they are “operating in a deceptive way.” However, the news station is accusing the reporter of deceptively editing the video to fit a narrative and responded by firing her.

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