CCP Pokes Fun at Biden for Ordering COVID Tests From China

CCP Pokes Fun at Biden for Ordering COVID Tests From China

( – COVID-19 rapid tests are now available for shipment directly to any American who requests them, and apparently, they’re coming from a delighted China. Although the tests are available through US-based iHealth Labs, an anonymous source told the Global Times the kits are under production in Northern China.

On January 19, the US Department of Health and Human Services committed to $1.28 billion worth of at-home tests, prompting iHealth’s parent company’s stock to jump over 49% in a week.

In addition to the massive coronavirus test order, KN95 mask sales are also up in the communist country for shipment to the US. According to the source, requests from the United States increased by 30% in one week, and the manufacturers are allegedly having a hard time keeping up with demand.

On January 14, Fox News reported that leaders handed out new masks to members of Congress to wear during sessions to replace cloth masks worn by some legislators. Printed on the front of the coverings are the words “Made in China.” Representative Greg Murphy (R-NC) found it ironic to fight a virus originating from the Asian country while continuing to send “taxpayer dollars overseas” to buy products for protection.

Surely, we can manufacture these products in the USA?

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