Cassidy Thinks Trump Should Quit 2024 Race

( – Senator Bill Cassidy, R-La., is unsurprisingly calling for former President Trump to drop out of the 2024 presidential election. Cassidy voted to convict Trump for his second impeachment, which many believe was politically motivated and without due process.

During an interview with CNN, where Cassidy is always a welcome guest, he claimed that Americans will have to endure four more years of President Biden if Trump wins the primary election. Cassidy said that polling shows that Trump cannot beat Biden, although most recent polls outside of Fox News show Biden one or two points ahead, but mostly neck and neck.

Cassidy, who believes that Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case against Trump for allegedly mishandling classified papers is “almost a slam dunk,” stated that he does not think that Americans will vote for Trump if he is found guilty in court. He expressed his belief that any Republican who is participating in the Republican National Committee (RNC) debates will be a better president than Joe Biden. Cassidy has seemingly ignored the recent polls that show Biden beating every other Republican candidate by a wide margin in a head-to-head matchup. Notably, former President Trump has already announced that he will not be attending any of the debates. Cassidy encouraged Americans to watch the candidates at the debate and to “find your candidate and support that candidate,” clearly discouraging Republicans from voting for Trump.

Republican New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is also spreading the same message as Senator Cassidy, leaving many wondering if the will of American voters is important to them. Sununu wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times, urging Republican primary candidates to drop out of the race to allow a head-to-head matchup between former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Sununu also claimed that Trump cannot beat Biden.

With most other candidates polling in the single digits, it still appears to be unlikely that DeSantis can pull off a primary victory even if the others drop out. A new CBS poll showed that Trump’s lead has grown since his indictments, leading DeSantis by 46 percentage points.

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