Cancel Culture Comes for Mike Pence

Cancel Culture Comes for Mike Pence

( – Before President Donald Trump left office, there was a lot of chatter about whether or not the people who worked within his administration would be able to find jobs. There was a concern that people would unfairly target those who worked for the president. Fortunately, that hasn’t seemed to have happened for the high-ranking officials. A number of them have found new jobs working for conservative networks, while others, like Stephen Miller, have started their own organizations.

However, cancel culture is coming for some of the officials in other ways.

Book Deals

At the beginning of April, publisher Simon & Schuster announced they’d signed a two-book deal with former Vice President Mike Pence. The first book will debut in 2023 sometime. Pence said he’s “grateful to have the opportunity” to tell the story of his life working for the American people.

The company also offered book deals to Kellyanne Conway and former Attorney General William Barr. The new contracts with the Trump officials outraged not only Liberals, but also employees who work with Simon & Schuster.

Petition Delivered

On Monday, April 26, management at the company received a petition signed by more than 200 employees and 3,500 supporters, demanding that the company cancel the deal with Pence. According to the New York Times, most people who demanded the publisher drop the Pence book “probably were not aware” of the other deals. Conway was trending later on Twitter, and Liberals expressed fury over the books.

The uproar over the deals is another example of the Left trying to cancel Conservatives. In an ordinary world without the woke mob, it would be no big deal that former officials of a presidential administration were writing books. It seems this is no ordinary world.

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