California Leaders Not Using Trailers for Homeless As Planned

California Leaders Not Using Buildings for Homeless Like They Claimed

( – California’s homeless problem has been in the news a lot over the last few years. The skyrocketing cost of living caused many people to lose their homes and forced them to live on the streets. The state had a plan to provide some housing for them, but that has fallen by the wayside.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, California officials bought 1,300 trailers from FEMA. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) wanted to use the trailers to house homeless people to keep them safe while the virus tore through cities. According to OAN, the state spent roughly $50 million on the trailers. More than a year later, there are still more than 100 empty trailers sitting in parking lots across Los Angeles. Recently, sources alleged they saw firefighters towing some of them to new sites where the trailers will be used as vaccination centers.

LA Alliance for Human Rights adviser, Daniel Conway, told The Epoch Times that it has been very “upsetting” to see the empty trailers in parking lots when there’s a “humanitarian crisis playing out on the streets.” He said it just doesn’t make much sense. Conway claims LA officials have told him that the trailers were too expensive because of the maintenance and sewage needs.

While the trailers sit empty, thousands of people live on the streets in LA and across the state. And it seems as though the Democrat-run state is no closer than it was a year ago to solving the homeless crisis.

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