California City Launching Universal Income for Transgenders in Pilot Program

California City Launching Universal Income for Transgenders in Pilot Program

( – Palm Springs, California recently announced its plans to provide a total of $200,000 to two agencies who want to use the funding to provide universal basic income (UBI) to just some of the city’s residents in a new pilot program. However, not everyone gets to participate in the free money giveaway.

Only transgender and nonbinary city residents can receive the $900-per-month stipend over an 18-month period. The population subset must meet a set poverty threshold to be eligible for the benefits administered by DAP Health and Queer Works, an LGBT advocacy agency.

Former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio called the idea “outrageous,” saying it discriminates against those who aren’t transgender or nonbinary. He said the offensive measure is little more than “woke virtue signaling.”

Additionally, DeMaio said UBI programs don’t work in society because the practice inevitably leads to a higher cost of living and increased inflation overall. DAP Health CEO David Brinkman said the agencies chose these population groups because society typically marginalizes them. Queer Works CEO Jacob Rostowsky agreed the groups have economic struggles and experience discrimination in the job market.

However, even the Palm Springs Mayor, Lisa Middleton, who happens to be transgender, doesn’t fully support the idea of UBI in the city. She does admit the transgender community suffers financially, but wouldn’t commit to “future funding” for the program, which is seeking up to $1.8 million annually.

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