Business Partner Of Fani Willis Working On Biden’s Re-election Campaign

( – Shortly after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s intimate relationship with Nathan Wade was revealed, new connections were brought to light. Deputy District Attorney Jeff DiSantis was outed as a plant by the Biden administration to reportedly make sure the case against Trump was brought by the county. DiSantis previously worked for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Willis’s 2020 campaign, and served as the executive director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. He was also paid over $130,000 by Rhode Island Democratic Representative Gabriel Amo, who once worked as a White House aide in the Biden administration.

DiSantis was said to have hand-selected the grand jury for Trump’s case based on voter registration data, in addition to having a direct hand in the staff Willis chose after she was elected. Now it has been revealed that DiSantis’s business partner, Chris Huttman, is working for Biden’s reelection campaign. He is the head media buyer and strategist at a company called Media Buying and Analytics, LLC. According to OpenSecrets, which tracks the flow of money into United States politics, the company is the top vendor for the Biden campaign. The outlet revealed that the company received over $8.6 million this election cycle.

According to a bio outlining DiSantis and Huttman’s partnership, Huttman is described as having lengthy experience in choosing where to purchase advertisements based on polling and election data. The bio also said that he targeted black voters in Georgia during Obama’s 2008 campaign. The pair founded 2020 Insights, LLC back in 2010. Then in February 2024, shortly before Willis was ordered to explain her relationship with Wade, DiSantis’s name was replaced with Huttman’s as the registered agent.

The sources that told Breitbart News about DiSantis’s influence on Willis said that he was “the brainchild behind” Trump’s prosecution and “the connection to the White House.” The sources also said that it was apparent that the White House was directly involved with the case against Trump and that Willis would not have pursued charges against him without the approval of the Biden administration.

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