Britney Spears’ Ex Leaks Unflattering Videos of Her

Britney Spears' Ex Leaks Unflattering Videos of Her

Celebrity Pop Princess EXPOSED In Video Leaked By Ex

( – Celebrity relationships can be messy when they’re in the public eye. Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ ex-husband, recently released years-old private videos of the singer arguing with her teenage sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. This revelation came in response to one of Spears’ Instagram rants. The singer’s four-page post was regarding her frustrations about Federline’s bombshell that their boys don’t want to visit her anymore — a claim he made public the week prior. In fact, he said they haven’t seen her in months.

In her devastation about her ex revealing such a painful fact to the world, the famous singer decided to tell her side of the story to her fans on social media. Federline said it was a family decision to post the videos, explaining that Britney’s risque pics have been embarrassing for their sons. He said they’re worried about their mother’s mental health.

The famous couple married in 2004 but split two years later, sharing custody of their children. In 2018, the pair headed back to court when the ex-husband asked for an increase in child support, which the judge granted. At the time, the court also changed the custody agreement to swing more toward Federline’s favor.

When Spears finally escaped her father’s conservatorship grasp in November 2021, her ex-husband spoke out in support of her, saying her happiness was best for Sean and Jayden. Still, Federline chose to share a moment in time that was “hurtful” to the pop star, who frankly said, “raising teenage boys is never easy for anyone.”

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