Brian Walshe Ordered To Remain in Jail Pending Trial

Brian Walshe Ordered To Remain in Jail Pending Trial

( – On December 31, 2022, Ana Walshe was reportedly ringing in the new year in Cohasset, Massachusetts, with her husband and a friend, Gem Mutlu. That was reportedly the last time anyone saw her alive. Four days later, her coworkers reported her missing, as she was supposed to travel from Boston to Washington, DC, the previous day but had not arrived. In fact, she never even boarded the plane. Now her husband, Brian Walshe, has been charged with murder, and a judge ordered him held without bail.

Initially, police believed Mr. Walshe was cooperating with their investigation into his wife’s whereabouts, but those assumptions quickly turned. On January 8, officers arrested the suspect for suspicion of intentionally misleading their investigation. Subsequent searches of the Walshe home and dumpsters at a trash facility reportedly revealed cleaning supplies, a hacksaw, and a knife that had been used.

Prosecutors revealed Mr. Walshe’s exact internet searches following his wife’s disappearance. According to reports, the suspect searched ways to dispose of a body, how to properly clean up blood, details about formaldehyde and luminol, how to get rid of certain evidence, and other disturbing subjects. According to reports, the suspect used their son’s iPad for the internet queries.

Rolling Stone reported that prosecutors relayed during arraignment their belief that Ana Walshe, mother of three, was “dismembered” and “discarded” by her husband. Norfolk County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland laid out the terrifying timeline in court. Investigators have reportedly found the victim’s clothing and belongings with part of a rug belonging to the Walshes. Police have not revealed whether or not they found any remains.

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