Boyfriend Fatally Shoots Intruder at Ex-Girlfriend’s Apartment

( – California’s “stand your ground” protection was applied when investigators from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) decided not to pursue charges against a man who shot an intruder in Carmichael.

A local media outlet said that a woman’s ex-boyfriend was shot and killed by her new boyfriend after he broke into her apartment at around 2:00 in the morning on May 23. The woman’s current boyfriend told police that the man beat on the door for nearly 20 minutes before forcing his way in. The man began choking the current boyfriend until he was able to escape and retrieve a firearm. He then shot the ex-boyfriend and called 911.

Police responded to the Sutter Crossing Apartments where they found the man deceased. A press release from the SCSO coincided with the new boyfriend’s story, revealing that he shot the man one time. The firearm used to kill the ex-boyfriend was purchased legally and correctly registered with the state. One local prosecutor said that the “stand your ground” protection was applicable in this situation because his life was in jeopardy due to no fault of his own. Some residents told a local media outlet that they were shocked that the man was not charged, and that the victim was well-known in the neighborhood.

SCSO Sergeant Amar Gandhi noted that the woman and her boyfriend were cooperating with police and that no one was arrested at the time. Gandhi also said that even if the man’s firearm had not been registered, the decision not to prosecute would still have been the same. However, he could have faced charges for possessing a firearm illegally. Investigators did not divulge any information regarding the details of the ex-boyfriend and the woman’s relationship or why and when they broke up. The name of the victim and the individuals involved will not be revealed until the family has been contacted.

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