BOMBSHELL Report: Democrats’ Inequality Narrative BACKFIRES

New Report Shows More Inequality in Blue States Than Red Ones

New Report Shows More Inequality in Blue States Than Red Ones

( – On October 11, the Daily Wire posted the results of its investigation into income inequality across the United States. Analyzers looked at data from the Census Bureau to help with their findings. They concluded California, Connecticut, and New York had the biggest income gaps. What do they have in common? The states are all led by Democrats. The study also determined which states had “perfect equality.” The three with the best scores indicating everyone gets their fair share were states led by Republicans.

More About the Data

With the economy at the forefront of most people’s minds across the United States, those who wonder about the gap between the richest and poorest in the nation may be interested to know where the margins fall. Those in the wealthy circle are likely faring better with high prices and interest rates than those struggling to put food on the table for their families.

The Daily Wire used 2021 information from the American Community Survey to make its assessment. The data showed Utah, South Dakota, and Indiana had the smallest differences in income. The outlet concluded the more liberal a state, the more financially unequal it seems to be. Political Consultant David Gordon said the conclusions prove Democratic policies are to blame for income gaps. He said the Left complains about “poor outcomes” for black people, for example, but does nothing to help as generation after generation remains in poverty. Conservative states, on the other hand, appear to give everyone an equal chance.

Findings and Conclusions

While the investigators didn’t look at all 50 states to make their determination, they chose the 10 most conservative and 10 most liberal to compare. They were careful to choose only those regions where one party was in charge of both the governorship and the legislature to compare apples to apples. The Daily Wire set aside Hawaii in the analysis because of its position away from the mainland, even though it’s technically the most liberal, instead listing Rhode Island as the top Democratic state. South Dakota was on the other end as the most Republican.

Plotting their color-coded findings using the Gini Index on a chart, it became evident the ones with higher scores (meaning worse) were largely Blue and those with lower scores were Red. They also looked at a variety of factors in making their determination between the best and the worst, concluding that the “most conservative states” did better in most metrics.

Are you surprised by the results of the study?

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