Black Youth Questioning Democratic Loyalties

( – Historically, African-Americans have turned out for Democratic candidates in presidential elections in much higher numbers than they have Republicans. Some of them, especially young people, believe the party they’ve always shown up for might be taking their support for granted.

According to an October 11 report in POLITICO, some younger Black voters don’t feel the same loyalty to the party that, perhaps, their parents and grandparents felt. Coreco Ja’Quan (C.J.) Pearson, 18, said he’s questioning why he should give the Left his loyalty in exchange for a better life if the party hasn’t been making their lives better. That’s similar to what conservative Candace Owens has been saying for years.

On October 10, Owens held a “BLEXIT” march in DC, and then to the White House to hear President Donald Trump speak.

President Trump’s support among Black voters has risen over the last four years. Before COVID-19 struck, the community had record low unemployment. The GOP might not get a majority of their vote, but they’re undoubtedly peeling away support as they prove how much they care through policy.

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