Black Voters Turn Their Backs on Biden

( – President Biden’s support among black voters has taken a severe hit in the last few months, igniting worry within the Democratic Party. Washington Times reporter Stephen Dinan recently argued that Biden is losing support from black people due to illegal immigration.

The problem appears to be among black voters in large cities where massive numbers of illegal migrants have arrived over the last 18 months. One pollster from the TIPP polling agency, Raghavan Mayur, argued that black people are frustrated with Biden for taking away important resources that communities have relied upon for years. He also noted that they agree with former President Trump’s rhetoric regarding the “poisoning the blood” of America.

Democratic mayors and governors have begun diverting funding for black communities to deal with the influx. Community centers and other widely used resources in black neighborhoods have been converted to housing for illegal migrants. Children who normally spend their afternoons playing basketball, football, or at daycare centers have suddenly had their lives completely changed because of Biden’s unwillingness to secure the southern border. Jonathon Dunne of The Western Journal recently suggested that Democrats are “always seeking victims who need the government to rescue them.”

Dunne listed several groups of Democrat-ordained marginalized communities, including illegal migrants, LGBT, and various minorities. He argued that the Democrats then “create a demonizing force” to compel the group to hate, which is always Republicans. They push propaganda to convince the alleged victims that they need to be saved by the Democrats who can advocate for them within the government.

Dunne believes that the black community has woken up to the fact that the Democrats have taken their support for granted. Since the border crisis began, the Democrats have shifted their focus and funding to cater to the illegal migrants who will one day become voting citizens if Biden’s radical amnesty agenda is successful. Dunne concludes his argument by insisting conservatives shine a light on the Democrats’ abusive ways that attempt to force certain groups to serve as their victims.

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