Black History Month Speaker Labels Whites ‘Psychopathic’

( – An author named Dante King recently spoke at the University of California in San Francisco during a Black History Month event. The lengthy title of his lecture was the same as his upcoming book and provided a clear picture of his opinion of white people. The Young America’s Foundation spliced together various clips of the lecture that showed King making disparaging comments about white people and advocated for others to follow in his steps.

King claimed that “Whites are psychopaths,” followed by various leading questions. He asked his audience to raise their hands if they could see why whites were psychopaths based on how white history has evolved. He argued that anyone who didn’t raise their hand was in denial. He reiterated his original point later in the lecture when claiming that white people have been liars since the colonial era. Additional comments made by King included the claim that being anti-black was engrained into white American institutions. He attempted to back up the argument by claiming that there were still laws in the United States that allowed for the rape of black women.

King went on to call white people perverted and deluded, adding that the belief that America was never racist was “rooted in psychological delusion.” He went on to advise delinquent teenagers to use the excuse that their crimes were the result of human nature. He claimed that he was not looking for white people to agree with his stance, as their opinions were not a priority to him. Fox News contacted King’s team after the event with questions about his claims. The outlet received notes from King’s presentation that included citations from three state Supreme Court decisions. King used those decisions to back up his rape claims, although his team did not provide any evidence of laws that allowed for black women to be raped. Instead, his notes cited state laws that specifically addressed the protection of white women. The university did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment, but King will be speaking again at the school in March.

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