Black Celebrity Teams Up With Trump to Empower Black Americans

( – Rapper Ice Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, has come a long way since his NWA fame. The superstar artist, who once sang derogatory lyrics about the police, has apparently seen the light.

On October 13, the Trump Campaign announced it was working with Ice Cube to help empower black Americans. The rapper advised the president on his “Platinum Plan,” an initiative that also seeks to close the wealth gap between African-Americans and other races.

After blowback over the announcement, Ice Cube defended his decision on Twitter.

Democrats reportedly contacted the rapper, too, but weren’t ready to commit to a plan until after the election. Trump, on the other hand, welcomed Ice Cube’s advice and adjusted his plan accordingly. The president proved, again, that he thinks black empowerment is a critical issue, while the Left continues to brush it aside.

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