Bin Laden’s Assassin Says Putin Beat Joe Biden in Meeting

Bin Laden's Assassin Says Putin Beat Joe Biden in Meeting

( – On June 16, President Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. The two men held separate press conferences after the event, and both said the meeting was productive. Not everyone is convinced, though.

Robert O’Neill, the ex-Navy Seal who delivered the kill shot to Osama bin Laden, was not impressed with Biden’s handling of Putin. After the meeting between the two leaders, Liberal political pundit Chris Hahn said people who are “rooting for Putin” can’t call themselves patriots. O’Neill responded to him, saying he is a “patriot,” but he thinks the Russian president beat the US president.

O’Neill didn’t explain why, but he certainly isn’t alone in his decision. Former President Donald Trump also thinks Biden did a terrible job. He told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that the meeting was a “good day for Russia,” and he couldn’t see what the US “got out of it.” The 45th president explained his successor just gave Putin a “very big stage” but got nothing from him. Fiona Hill, Trump’s former Russia adviser, didn’t seem impressed either, saying, “We’ll have to see,” if anything comes from the meeting.

The Biden administration is talking the meeting up as incredibly productive but hasn’t explained exactly why. Until the country sees concrete change, foreign policy experts like O’Neill and Trump will likely remain unimpressed.

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