Bill Maher Calls Out College as a Scam

Bill Maher Calls Out College as a Scam

Bill Maher Says It Like It Is – Scam EXPOSED

( – Comedian Bill Maher responded to the recent student loan forgiveness announcement from President Joe Biden, calling the idea of attending college a “giant scam” for most people.

He further said Democrats think going to a university is the answer to every problem, but buying the “consumer product” that is higher learning is not necessary for everyone. In fact, if the job doesn’t require a degree, college-goers are simply buying what they hope is a “golden ticket” out of the middle or lower class.

While Biden touted his forgiveness program as help for Americans across the US, Maher pointed out the program is targeted because many citizens never went to college. That sentiment matches what many Republicans are saying about the program, wondering where the relief is for those who either didn’t attend a university or already paid off their student loans on their own.

On the other hand, many Democrats and those carrying debt praised Biden, saying he fulfilled a campaign promise. Others worry about the impact forgiveness will have on the economy as a whole and inflation, specifically. In July, the inflation rate was annualized at 8.5%, driving consumer price increases on basic necessities used by American families.

Do you agree with Maher that college is a scam?

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