Bill Cosby Back in the Spotlight After Release From Prison

Bill Cosby Back in the Spotlight After Release From Prison

( – On June 30, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the rape conviction against disgraced television icon Bill Cosby. The court did not proclaim he was innocent but instead said prosecutors violated his rights. Since then, he has been trying to weasel his way back into the spotlight.

On July 5, NPR obtained a statement made by Cosby that defended his former television co-star Phylicia Rashad. The actress is the dean of Howard University’s fine arts program and has been under fire for making comments supporting the alleged sex offender. Cosby told the university they have an obligation to “support ones [sic] Freedom of Speech” which is taught in its “renowned law school.”

Cosby also attacked the media, claiming mainstream outlets have become “insurrectionists” working to “demolish the Constitution.”

The former actor finished his statement by declaring America stands by Rashad.

It’s interesting that Cosby is campaigning so hard to support a woman, considering the allegations surrounding him. What’s more, it seems as if he is trying to get back into the limelight now that he is no longer in prison. Could he be taking a defiant approach and trying to win back support this way?

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