Biden’s Not Off to a Good Start to the New Year

Biden's Not Off to a Good Start to the New Year

( – On January 24, the president said Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy was a “stupid son of a b***” on a hot mic for inquiring about inflation during a meeting about the US economy. Although he called the reporter later to apologize and tell him it was “nothing personal,” the original comment was inappropriate for a man in Biden’s position, and it wasn’t the first time he behaved in such a way.

Acting presidential is an essential part of holding the highest position in the world to properly deal with the public, foreign leaders, and the press. Surprisingly, it seems President Joe Biden is lashing out more and more at reporters for asking questions.

In June 2021, the president told CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins she was in the “wrong business” if she didn’t understand why a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was productive. Additionally, when asked about his son, Hunter, Biden has been quick to snap back to protect his family.

Even though parents can probably understand the instinct to shelter their child from negative press, many wonder if the president only lashes out at reporters when he doesn’t like the question or simply doesn’t wish to respond.

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