Biden’s Lax Border Policies Enrich Mexican Cartels, Report Indicates

Biden's Lax Border Policies Enrich Mexican Cartels, Report Indicates

Biden Desperately Tries To Hide This Link To Mexican Cartels

( – A recent article by The New York Times revealed that cartels are making about $13 billion a year as opposed to the estimated $500 million under former President Donald Trump. Breitbart reported those types of illegal operations mainly make their income through loans, border extortion, and smuggling profits.

Sadly, there have been too many instances of migrant injuries and deaths resulting from people trying to sneak into the United States. At least one legislator wonders if President Joe Biden’s border control policies are to blame.

As soon as Biden took office, he halted the construction of the wall separating America from Mexico. In May, the Department of Justice vowed to end Title 42, which allows for swift extradition of immigrants back to their country of origin to await processing. Officials removed approximately 1.8 million people under the Trump-era measure, but the current administration is determined to end that policy. Border Patrol recently reported an approximate 20% increase in illegal migrant encounters. Breitbart also pointed out that Biden’s lax immigration policies have resulted in about 1.7 million people entering the US for various reasons.

Do you think Biden is to blame for the alleged record profits enjoyed by cartels and smugglers at the border?

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