Biden’s DOJ Sues Texas Over Election Integrity Law

Biden's DOJ Sues Texas Over Election Integrity Law

( – In September, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) signed a bill to tighten his state’s election laws. Texas lawmakers reportedly intend to ensure free and fair elections and erase doubt about the integrity of peoples’ choices at the polls.

On November 4, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a suit against the Lone Star state, alleging the new law is discriminatory and violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It’s the second attempt by the Biden Administration to stop individual states from regulating their own voting protocols.

Although Democrats originally left the state of Texas to prevent SB1 from passing, Abbott was able to make way for it to become law in September. The order changed identification requirements for voting by mail, enhanced poll watching rules, and eliminated drive-thru voting. The DOJ claims the election parameters now restrict disabled and illiterate people from casting their votes. They further allege “by requiring rejection of mail-in ballots” for minor errors, Texas is violating the civil rights of the American people.

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke said there should be no “laws that impair eligible citizens’ access” to the voting booth in the United States. The governor and other lawmakers in the state stand firm on the changes, saying they provide necessary safeguards to ensure democracy. As to the lawsuit, Abbott tweeted, “Bring it.”

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